Competition Amongst Mobile Phone Apps


                           In the world on mobile phone apps, there seems to be intense competition.  Getting your name out there is not easy, espeically when there is an enormous number of developers competing for the same spot.  Rankings are what bring home the cake. whith out people downloading your app you will never appear on the charts.  So how do app developers attract new customers.  As of now there are really only 2 big companies competeing in this race: Apple and Google.  So when a company like Microsoft sets out to attract iPhone users to use it Bing application, what type of strategies should they choose.  how about the almighty word that all consumers love to hear, FREE.  They know that f they advertised something peple want for free, people would naturally be attracted.  What they did was sponser apps from outside developers and gave they free music for a limited time.  As it turned out, the inititive was a success and thousand of people downloaded the Bing app.  if it was up to Microsoft, they would have loved to dish out some cash, skip the line, and pay for their top 10 spot, but fortunately as of now those slots must be earned.  Note, by earned we mean it must be downloaded.  I am sure its only a matter of time until Google and Apple’s App store starts accepting bribes for top slots, but right now it free for all.

On the note of Apps, there is really only 1 rule that developers must obtain by and thats FREE.  now obviously i am only one demographic amongst many because there seem to be just as many free apps as there are paid ones.

It must be free. I can tell you how many times ive seen an App that I found interesting but cost money to download.  In fact, I am glad they give me  the option of being able to select what type of apps I want to peroose, free or paid.  to be quite honest, if they did not have that option I probably would not check the app store as frequantly.  For people who dont mind spending a few bucs on each app, all the power to you.  i just feel like this is just another social media where people are blowing money away.  it is another one of those expenses that people have, that they did not have to account for 5 years ago.  This is a growing industry though, already in the multi million dollars a year, and i am sure we’ll see many changes to come.


How Retailers Are Attracting Consumers

I was reading the Wall Street Joural this moring, as a do most morning, and stumbled upon this article.  It addresses how main stream retailers are now offering custom tailoring to jeans and dress pants.

The world of retail is extremely competitive. Not only must you offer clothing that attracts your target market but you must also distinguish yourself amongst the rest.  There are are numbe of  ways to do this, whether it be through customer satisfaction and having a very lax return policy, or through customer intimacy where the staff works with you one on one to help you find exactly what your looking for.  One thing that consumers are demanding is convenience. There is nothing worse than having to go to a store only in turn to have to go to a different store to complete your purchase.  In many instances you will loose customers that way.  Well, one thing retailers are now catching up on is alterations.  What if you find a pair of pants that you really like but for whatever reason they just dont fit right.  Its a beautiful thing to have cloths that fit you perfectly.  In a strategy to lure more customers in and keep them hooked in is to offer this service.  Essentially, all you have to do it call over an employee, ask for your cloths to be tailored, and they will size you up right then.  Come back in 2-3 days and your pants are like new. Well they were new, but now there new AND fit you perfect. I will later discuss the value of a life time customer VS a one time shopper, but in my eyes this additional service Bananna Republic and J. Crew are picking up on is a great was to give your customers what they want and keep them coming back.

The Ultimate Drug: Placebos

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Is it not amazeing how people can heal an illness by sheer brain power.  I feel like that is such an important concept im gonig to repeat it, MIND OVER MATTER. PEOPLE NOT DRUGS HAVE TO ABILITY TO CURE DISEASE. The power of positive thinking.  This conecpt is almost hard to grasp.  Placebos have known to have helped alleviate pain, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, inflammatory disorders and even cancer.
When people are under the assumption they are taking some ground breaking medicine what goes through there head? oh wow i feel a lot better. whatever they put in that thing really helped. little do they know, it was their mind who healed it.

We now live in world were we are surrounded by pharmaceutical drugs being force fed to millions of people everyday.  Only in amaerica can doctors and suits come up with shams for essencially creating an illness.  One example that has been floating around the news is ADD or ADHD.  Here they are now diagnosing all of these young kids with an “illness” and getting them hooked on drugs from such an early age.

So Mrs. Smith, i understand young jonny is constantly running around the house, not paying attention in school, and shakes his leg when hes sitting in a chair? OH yes doctor its horrible, i just cant control him anymore, hes wild. please do you have anything for him? Oh Mrs. Smith (with with his left cheek slowely raising up his face to create a messicing smerck) no need to worry, this sounds like a classic case of ADHD.  I have just the thing…

I will now re-phrase this diologe 50 years ago: So Mrs. Smith, i understand young jonny is constantly running around the house and not paying attention in school? OH yes doctor its horrible, i just cant control him anymore, hes wild. Please, do you have anything for him? Oh Mrs. Smith (while crunching his eyebrows together and making a comical stern slash constipated look on his face),  I think jonny need to go run around a little more outside, and keep him off all that sugar cola, okay?

Ever notice how on commercials have such hack-eyed symptoms: Do you suffer from minor headaches? Do you ever feel sad? Have you ever had trouble falling asleep? ha ha. They come up with the most gereric symptoms to lure people in.

Consumers need to have this reiterated time and time again.  Companies cant afford to let this little sercet out through, they will have to file chapter 11.

The power of the mind is nothing to underestimate.

A Show About Nothing???

How does a show about nothing, become something?  Not just something, one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all time?  In the show there is an episode where Jerry and George are about to meet with producers from ABC television network.  The reason for the meeting is to pitch an idea for a TVshow.  So during the episode Jerry and George are sitting in Jerrys apartment trying to brain storm ideas for their show. Whats it going to be about? they ask each other. They decide on this crazy idea to make a show about nothing. it would consist simply following there lives, track their daily routines, and basically just portray what its like living in the shows of the cast.  On paper this sounds like the stupidest idea. What can be funny about 4 people going to a diner for lunch? Why would people want to watch fake friends doing such a normal activities.  THAT is the brillance behind it.

Well, thats not the whole truth. This show would be nearly as good if Larry David and Jerry Seinffeld were not the masterminds behind it.  Larry david is a borderline genius.  It takes a very unique way of thinking for someone to come up with these scenarios.   What he does so well is point out the little things in life and turn them into brillance.  Essencially he puts all the emphisis on how we as consumer behave.  Many times he puts people in these akward situations and shows how most people would react.  On the outside, the show is really funny and whitty, but if you examine it a bit closer they are really showing how people behave in situations.

The imfamous Soup Nazi is a good example. They know prior to going that this guy who runs the place is a bit detrimental, but the soups are so good they are willing to go any way.  There is a strict set of rules for how to order the soup:  As you walk in immediately move to the right..Always keep the flow of the line moving..when you approach the counter tell him the soup you want in a lound clear voice..its very importnt to stick to the your money on the counter, no extranious compliments. There is a moment when Jerry sees a friend and refuses to let him cut the line because if he gets caught Jerry will never get served you again.

When George orders they forget to give him bread. So what does he do? Hes asks for bread. “That’ll be 2 dollars” the soup nazi says. George replys, “what it comes with the soup!” the soup nazi replies, “you want bread!? 3 dollars” He instantely jacks up the price. George questions it, the soup nazi gets mad and replies in his classic line, “NO SOUP FOR YOU”. Jerry starts explaining to George, “You cant go in there and start asking questions and making a fuss”

In our culture there almost taboo atmosphere in the restaurant business how when you order a dish. It is supposed to be made exactly how you like it, right?. Even though the entree comes with anchovies, some people say not like anchovies.  Food critics will claim you should never question the chef. How he makes it is how it should be served.  Is that how consumers behave? Why should I eat a dish I dont like.  This episode is poking fun at how consumers are always behaving in a way that is for thier benefit, but shouldn’t they be? Who knows.

Every episode is packed with little scenarios just like this. There another episode where george finds a parking spot on the street.  Right when he is about to pull in someone tries to take the spot.  how do people behave when this happens? Usually one person tends to be the nice guy and say, here you go you can have it, or oh you were here first you can take it. In this episode neither will give in and they wind up staying parked, both cars half pulled in, while George and the other man exchange words. So, the next time your flipping through the channels and stumble across Seinfeld I encourage you watch to look a bit closer to try to identify a few of these issues.

The best products are SIMPLE products

Consumers love simple products.  There are certain thing in our life that just seem to make sense.  Its those ideas that when you see them for the first time you say to yourself, ” why didn’t I think of something like that” or ” why hasn’t this been invented already” and then your mad at yourself for not having thought of it before. Now I am not saying that i think these glasses are the best idea ever, im simply pointing out how we can take the most basic items in our daily lives and somehow dumb it down to a level that makes people say, wow, what a great idea. where less is more.

Isnt is interesting how pop songs can become so popular in our society when people dont even know what the song is about.  On top of that, most artists these days dont even write their own lyrics.  I like to picture the person as some slimy, awkward, overweight guy sitting in a cubical, who get paid for analyzing the latest trends and whats working and whats not.  People like the catchy rhythm behind the lyrics or the sound of the artists voice. What ever it may be, it feels like people seem like to certain songs for all the wrong reasons. So what is that attracts people certain songs? Well, when you ask people why they like a certain song, you’ll usually hear the same responses over and over again;  I like the artist, it has a good beat, ect.  This is what I find so interesting about this video. It illistrates what the song is talking about step by step. Although this interpretation is not from Jim Morrison himself, its just by some artist, it portrays what the lyrics are saying and help you understand the song better.

Now picture this…can you imagine over 30 famous songs having the same 4 cords being played? its hard to believe, i know, but watch this video and i think will explain. now im not bashing any of these songs, some of them are good.  What is interesting about all of this, for some reason people are attracted to this specific tune.  i suppose music artist picked up on this and all made succesful hit off it.

So some food for thought: next time you listen to a song on the radio or at the bar, I encourage you to really listen to the song and try to figure out what the song is about.