Voices #2


What can you tell about a person, through their voice?  Its a weird thing to think about but we are surrounded by this type of promotion everyday.

Morgan Friedman.  People say his voice is like the sound of God.  He has played God roles before, in Brice Almighty, and plays it well.  Now we hear his voice popping up documentaries, commercials and ad campaigns.  Not only has his acting career made a name for himself, but his voice has as well.  Companies like him so much they trust him to sell their products.

Radio talk shows and television broad casters: what makes them good? Two things: A good personality and a strong voice.  If you had a high pitched or inconsistent tune then chances are you would not have much success on the radio or TV.  If you’ve ever seen Planet earth the narration is remarkable.  It’s compelling and really brings you into the show.  I feel nature shows in general rely on a narrators voice in order to make them a better show.  We, as consumers, would not enjoy it as much if the voices behind the scenes were not appealing to us.  Im imagine if some West Virginia hilly billy was the voice behind a serious news coverage. It just doesn’t make much sense. Here is an interesting exercise:

Scenario 1: You have been asked to evaluate an accident report that someone else has written. You say to them:

“I was really confused – I couldn’t work out what actually happened.”

Tone options: experiment by saying this sentence:

  • in an angry tone
  • in a sympathetic tone
  • in an arrogant tone
  • in a frustrated tone.

How does your behavior change? How would consumers behavior change? Think about it.


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