Nutrition Facts…what a joke!

I wasn’t going to blog anymore, [uh oh i’m starting to sound like one of those serious “bloggers” who feel the necessity to run to their computer and blog about every little incident that happens in their lives and feel they need to write about it and express their emotions to their fellow blogging community and friends(thats a lot of ands). Whats happening to me? Has this project slowly turned me into one of THEM?(notice the emphasis on them and not this or slowly or me. Later on, you will read how depending on where the emphasis goes within a sentence makes all the difference in how consumers will behave. In the mean time try it yourself. really pronounce each one of those, one at a time, and see how different the meaning of the sentence becomes). Thats quite a few parentheses, I hope your keeping up.] BUT I couldnt let an oppurtunity like this slip away.

So, I made some popcorn tonight while I was watching some hockey. Its playoff time. Its game 7 in the series. Its a pretty intense game…Its a perfect time for popcorn.  As im shoveling handfuls into my mouth, because thats really the only way to eat popcorn, one of my roommates curiously asks “I wonder if thats healthy for you?” The popcorn or me shoveling it into my mouth? I asked. Naturally the easiest thing one could do in this situation is to look at the NUTRITION FACTS on the box.  They are provided to us to help monitor what and how much we eat within the parameters of the food guide, right? Wrong. Little did I know nutritional facts have THE MOST OBSCURE labeling. It should almost be illegal what they do.  I know there has been a lot of controversy about this topic in the news, and for good reason.

Now if you look at the box of popcorn I was eating and quickly glance at the calories, you could easily mistake 140 cal for the amount of calories each bag, agree?  I mean they wouldn’t be so cruel as to put more than 1 serving into 1 bag would they? Now if you look at the top lets brake down the facts…1 serving size= 2 tbsp= 3.5 cups popped and servings per bag=3.  That 140 Calories just turned into a mere 420 Calories! Imagine when an 8 years old kid tries to read this box. Do you suspect he is going to sit down and do some multiplication!? and WHY do they give me information concerning 1 cup popped?  What is that going to do for me? Everything about this label is as if they want to disorient the consumer.

Would we behave different if we were given the straight truth, no beating around the bush? Would a mother think twice about allowing her obese child, which is a huge issue in the US now, to eat this whole bag? Popcorn is healthy for you, isnt it? What can be bad about it? Think again. All in all, it is still really hard to say if that would actually change our behavior though. Lets not forget, everybody knows how disgusting and unhealthy McDolands is yet millions of Americas scarf down double quarter pounders with no hesitation. One thing we can predict though, it sure as hell cant hurt!


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