The Product of a Good Environment.

Practically all of our behavior stems from the environment were surrounded by each day.  Rich families teach different standards of living versus poor families.  In the movie Trading Spaces starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd they show you how by simply changes ones environment, changes the individuals behavior.

In the beginning of the movie Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd bump into each other and Aykroyd’s briefcase goes flying. Notice how when Eddie Murphy is first arrested by the police for supposivley trying to steal his brief case he tells the truth, which is that he simply ran into him and attempted to give it back.  BUT since eddie murpy had the appearance of a homeless man, one would only assume he had the intention of robbing him.  On the flip side of that, when Eddie Murphy is in jail, he is bragging to the other inmates how he wrestled the guy, took his brief case, and even cut him. They thought he was cool and bad-ass.  He wouldn’t want to tell them the truth, which is he simply tried to give it back to him, because they would seem he was not “one of them”. “It aint cool being a jive turkey so close to thanksgiving”

What does this teach us? First off, as the old cliché goes, appearances can be deceiving. Just because I man may have a shaggy beard and torn cloths, in no way means he is beneath you. Look a bit closer and who knows his fingernails may be manicured and his teeth may be straight pearly white.

Always surround yourself with good people. If you’re the smartest of all your friends, you need to find new friends. They will not engage you; they will not push you to your intellectual potential.  Second, given the opportunity, if one is given the luxury of excess he will think, act, and behave in a completely different manner.


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