Nike + iPod


Nike is one of those companies what has, in a way, sets the industry standard in the world of sports.  They are continually coming out with new, better, slimmer, sleeker products that focus on what is being demmanded. The athletes are what gives them the inspiration to be innovative.  If they didnt have the best and lately technology they would be left in the dust.  Customer Myopia, which is when a company gets so consumed with itself that it forgets about who its customers are, is out of the question for a company like Nike. So when they have strategy sessions and group meetings, I would only assume there main focus is what is find out what athletes are demmanding, whats working for our customers now, how can they improve it.

One of their latest products: Nike+iPod.  The idea behind this sports kit is for you iPod and Nike to be your own personal trainer.  How it works: you place a sensor in your Nike shoe which wiressly connects to your ipod, you then choose how you want to run (time, distance, or calorie goals), finally as you run your iPod tells you your time, distance, pace, and calories burned.  It gives you feedback at the halfway point and in the final lead-up to your goal. I think this is a great idea. People who like working out have always wanted to know how they are performing. It wasnt until now that technology has allowed companies like them to actually design these type of products.

So right after you run, you can track your progress and analyze your performance on their website or your smart phone.  They then have the option to compete against other runners. You can challenge anyone, anywhere to a virtual race.  You can run on your own time, on your home turf, then log on to and see the results.  So not only do they have you hooked into using their system, but it inspires motivation and inspiration into their consumers.  From Nikes perspective not only to they have customers locked into buying their shoes, but they are brining traffic to their website which can only help their leverage for advertising purposes.


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