The Power of a Voice #1

What makes an animation film go from good to GREAT?  No doubt we have seen this industry go through many changes during its lifetime.  The graphics have become so intricate they appear almost life-like.  Its scary to think how as the future of movies continue, actors may become obsolete.  So what makes these movies become succesful? obviously a good story line is essential and the graphics are increasingly more and more important, but what else can attract people to go see their movie? The characters VOICE. Without a familiar voice behind the cartoon you feel disconnected. This holds true for not only animation films but for documentaries, nature shows, and commercials shows as well.  Many people dont even realize it, but the voices behind the character are a huge part of its success.  Take these movies for example:

Kung Fu Panda- Jack black

Toy Story- Tim Allen and Tom Hanks

Rango- Johnny Depp

Monster Inc.- John goodman, Billy Crystal

Bee Movies- Jerry Seinfeld

We feel a certain connection when we hear a familiar voice.  Enertainment companies picked up on this years ago. They saw that consumers are far more likely go to see their movie if they have a big star featured as the voice.  Why is this? The movies industry even coined a term for such a role, Voice Acting. The idea of highlighting voice actors as stars of the film became a norm in movie marketing.


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