Competition Amongst Mobile Phone Apps


                           In the world on mobile phone apps, there seems to be intense competition.  Getting your name out there is not easy, espeically when there is an enormous number of developers competing for the same spot.  Rankings are what bring home the cake. whith out people downloading your app you will never appear on the charts.  So how do app developers attract new customers.  As of now there are really only 2 big companies competeing in this race: Apple and Google.  So when a company like Microsoft sets out to attract iPhone users to use it Bing application, what type of strategies should they choose.  how about the almighty word that all consumers love to hear, FREE.  They know that f they advertised something peple want for free, people would naturally be attracted.  What they did was sponser apps from outside developers and gave they free music for a limited time.  As it turned out, the inititive was a success and thousand of people downloaded the Bing app.  if it was up to Microsoft, they would have loved to dish out some cash, skip the line, and pay for their top 10 spot, but fortunately as of now those slots must be earned.  Note, by earned we mean it must be downloaded.  I am sure its only a matter of time until Google and Apple’s App store starts accepting bribes for top slots, but right now it free for all.

On the note of Apps, there is really only 1 rule that developers must obtain by and thats FREE.  now obviously i am only one demographic amongst many because there seem to be just as many free apps as there are paid ones.

It must be free. I can tell you how many times ive seen an App that I found interesting but cost money to download.  In fact, I am glad they give me  the option of being able to select what type of apps I want to peroose, free or paid.  to be quite honest, if they did not have that option I probably would not check the app store as frequantly.  For people who dont mind spending a few bucs on each app, all the power to you.  i just feel like this is just another social media where people are blowing money away.  it is another one of those expenses that people have, that they did not have to account for 5 years ago.  This is a growing industry though, already in the multi million dollars a year, and i am sure we’ll see many changes to come.


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